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Great Testimonials!

Hainesport Transportation Group – Driver/Route Profitability Report System – Hainesport, NJ
A hauling company that measured profitability of their drivers/routes.   Developed a dispatcher system with embedded productivity equations to evaluate and report productivity of each of their drivers.

Be Conscious Be kind – Apparel & Accessories Company – Los Angeles, CA  
Developed and implemented customizations to the business’ Woocommerce templates.   Integrated PayPal Reader to the business.   Assorted other small projects.

Moorestown Business Association Membership Website – Moorestown, NJ
A 300 member local business association that used diverse applications to run the association’s business process.  Abidin Apps successfully developed and implemented a custom WordPress plugin to integrate their 4 diverse plugins/applications + Wufoo Forms integration with Connections Business Directory Plugin for new and renewal membership process + Connections Business Directory Plugin integration (via an API) with MailChimp. + Connections Business Directory Plugin integration with their Events Registration System (separate website).

Moorestown Business Association Events Registration System – Moorestown, NJ  
Automated a paper & USPS intensive process to register vendors for town’s Main Street annual events. The process included emailing past vendor participants, registering, uploading booth photos and paying registration fee online.    The event admin then reviewed photos online, approved/rejected registrations and assign booth location on Main Street.   Event admin would then email approved participants with printable dashboard card.